Outdoor Living

Memorial Day weekend approaches and friends and family begin their summer activities.  We think of picnics, pools, and patios.  The outdoors quickly becomes our living space for the next few months of hot days and warm nights.

The popularity of the outdoor kitchen and living space is rising as quickly as the summer temperatures.  As we become a more outdoor and environmentally aware society, there is an increased desire to expand our living space into our outdoor space.  Outdoor cooking no longer consists of a simple grill and patio set.

Many outdoor living areas include multiple seating areas, sofas, fireplaces and even flat screen televisions.  The open-air kitchen has become a highly functional, well-designed extension of the home’s interior.  With elements including built in cooktops, refrigeration, rotisseries, and the highly popular pizza oven, the extension of the homes interior into the outdoors has enhanced the outdoor experience.



Interior design by Clay Snider

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